About Us

Our little race began with an idea in the late summer of 2020 during a year most of us will never forget.


Our race director, Kyle, had decided at the start of 2020 that he wanted to cross off his running list a full marathon. Well, COVID came and cancelled nearly every race across the country. Determined to complete the "distance", a small idea for a "race" between him and just a couple of friends, cheered on by friends and family began to form. 

The small idea quickly grew into a full fledged race for charity and the team whipped together a limited entrant event in 2020 open to the public for live racing!

We had such fun organizing the race in 2020 and received such positive feedback from participants that we decided to make the Monkey Marathon an annual event!

The event is organized and ran by a small non-profit, The Pantaleon Project, founded by Kyle and his wife, Jessica.


Ultimately, our goal is to create a memorable (and fast) race each year while fostering a laid back, fun sense of community and giving back to charity.